Search Engine Marketing

How to reach your customers?

Search is used to target users who are actively searching for information. This reaches people at the time of greatest need when they are looking for a product or service. It is extremely efficient because advertisers only pay for people who respond to their ads by clicking on them.

When someone searches for your product or services, your ad would appear in the sponsored links section as highlighted in green.

Letís take 'car rental' for example. A person is interested in hiring a car and types 'car rental' into the search query box. Your ad will then appear in the sponsored links section to reach your potential customer.

Why Search Advertising?

  • Reach those who are interested in your products/services when they are actively searching for it.
  • Pay only for clicks.
  • Generate traffic, sales, or qualified leads cost-effectively.
  • Cost-effective brand building, awareness exercise.
  • Yield a higher ROI by generating more traffic, qualified sales leads, and customer acquisitions than by using other marketing/advertising channels.
  • Geographic targeting - Reach national or even worldwide customers effectively.
  • Flexible and suits all kinds of budget.
  • Free to make changes.
  • Use to complement and enhance offline marketing.

What we can help you with?

  • Keyword/Campaign Quotation
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Campaign audit and proposal
  • Advanced campaign optimisation, constant monitoring of campaign and real time bid management*
  • Tailored post campaign analysis and reporting based on company requirements
*Bids changes in real time, it can be time consuming to keep a constant close eye on your campaign.

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