Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Is your website working at its full potential?

Find out which keywords, site contents, or even ad copy converts leads to customers. Web analytics is a tool that assists business organizations to dive deeper than just the number of visits; learn how customers interact with your site, and also the stickiness of your site.

Google Analytics can help you to identify and monitor:
  • Where your site visitors come from; visits by geographical area
  • Keywords, ad copy that attracts the most traffic or converts the best
  • The content page where your customers spend the most time versus the page which results in potential customers leaving as soon as they arrive.
  • How your customers navigate through your pages and where they drop off if they couldn't complete the funnel*
  • Performance of each marketing medium
  • Visitor loyalty and trends
  • Number of e-commerce sales and transactions
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Goals achieved (qualified leads, traffic, or even sales)
  • Trends, and search terms used in your site (if you have site search function)
*Funnel is a series of pages the visitors navigate through before reaching goals

We can help you in these key areas:

  • Set up goals, provide tracking codes
  • Optimise campaign performance based on Analytics findings
  • Discover unidentified business opportunities via campaign analysis
  • Provide recommendations on how to maximize web performance.
  • Conduct thorough audits for sites which are already using existing Google Analytics codes and recommendations
  • Customise comprehensive campaign reporting and analysis based on Key Performance Indicators

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